Once Upon a Time

there was a little girl that PEEE-YEWWW! had very stinky feet.

Her name was Cinder-Smella and though she was very pretty and very nice, her family was very mean to her. Especially her evil stepmother and two wicked stepsisters, Rosalyn and Faye. They were jealous of her beauty.

They teased her non-stop, forced her to do all the house-work, and NEVER let her wear socks.

All of this made Cinder-Smella very unhappy. And then one day . . .


is the award-winning author of several young adult novels, recognized as California Teacher of the Year in 2007, the creator of a cutting edge language arts educational curriculum called the BookJam, and a highly sought-after speaker across the country. He is also a proud dad. This is his first children's book.


is the illustrator behind Cinder-Smella. Her previous works include "Yuk! I Hate Vegibles!" and "Goodnight Almaz." Allison is the founder of Brown Bair (a creative studio) and has a passion for illustration, an eye for design, a stomach full of tofu, and a brain full of creativity.

From the Author:

"Cinder-Smella began for me as a fun, little nighttime story I invented at the bedside of my daughter. Seeing her laugh, laugh, laugh at my embellishments and re-interpretation of this timeless classic is where the joyful journey of writing this book began..."

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